How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how will they hear without a preacher? Romans 10:14




When asked about the state of evangelical mission to the youth of this generation Josh McDowell said “I hate to say this, but right now we are losing the battle. We are not seeing transformation in the lives of professed Christian young people. Seventy-five to eighty percent of our young people are leaving the church.” Quoting research by Barna, Gallup, and others Mr. McDowell states that “there is hardly any difference between a young person inside the church and a secular young person outside the church.” Morally, culturally and with respect to beliefs and priorities, professing Christians are no different that non- Christians.

The cultural differences between the current generation and previous generations is more dramatic than the generational divides of the past. This generation wants to ask questions, have a no boundaries conversations and hear the word in their context.  

While the majority of adults over 45 don’t particularly like the type of music millennial’s listen to, the type of music is not inherently evil (even though much of the message is).  This station plans to use its faith based music and other content to reach millennial’s for Christ while connecting them to the body through the same music and content.




Through this radio station we desire to positively impact culture by providing purposeful entertainment, educational content, and faith values.

Music is an incredibly powerful force, and the music of each generation helps shape its identity!  As an important part of culture, the type of music we listen to often ministers to our soul, influences our moods, our actions, and with whom we associate. The message of modern day (secular) urban-culture (mainstream) music is most often degrading, spiritually unsound, and sinfully provocative.  Its message offers a false reality of self-fulfillment in the lust of the world, such as, partying, money, exploitation of women, sex, drugs, and violence.  Many times the only outlet and influence people receive comes from music.  Whether you live in the suburbs or in the heart of the city, our children are being impacted by music! We have an opportunity to take back ears & souls for Christ!

The young people in our city need to hear the positive life changing message of Jesus and His love for us. Imagine if the kids of Tampa Bay could hear the gospel through some “lit” beat on the radio (for those of you over the age of 25, “lit” means, generationally in chronological order from oldest to latest, “wonderful,” “marvelous,” “swell,” “groovy,” “cool,” “hip,” “sweet,” “hot,” “rad,” “totally,” “on time,” “sick,” “dope,” and whatever word Snoop Dogg came up with in the 2000’s to describe something he likes.)  It’s a bit humorous but it illustrates the point. What was in fashion to one generation appears antiquated and, therefore boring to the next.

It is more than possible to influence and spread God’s Word in a manner that speaks to and through the culture of today. The messages heard through modern day Christian pop,  hip-hop and R&P (Rhythm and Praise) is not only relevant but can also effectively communicates why Jesus went to the cross, the forgiveness of sins, and true joy that comes from being in a relationship with the God of the universe. With many new Christian artists being discovered, as well as a spike in record and concert ticket sales, the genre is growing in popularity daily.

As Christians in today's society, we believe there is no time to sit on the sidelines and watch the evil grow in the world without taking a stand for Christ! We strongly believe in the commission Jesus gave to us when he said for us to, ”Go and make disciples!” (Matthew 28:19) The broken in our area are innumerable, so many without a positive male or female role model and most lacking a relationship with the Savior.


To engage music loving people in Tampa Bay seeking to grow their faith by connecting them to churches and ministries that God created for them to be apart of.

We live in a world that is falling apart socially, morally, and, most assuredly spiritually.  God’s method of preserving a world ripe with decay is sending believers with compassionate and gracious hearts to be salt. Christ followers should run bravely to the areas of the world that lack spiritual nutrition and allow their lives to serve as a preservative to bring together what has been torn apart.

Dr. James Merritt

The mission is for Urban Christian radio station to do just that.  “Run bravely to” this group of lost souls that have so little exposure to the truth. To act as the conduit for God to rescue them and to bring them into community with the body of Christ.



The ministry will be organized as a 501(c)(3).  The station will be funded through giving. Some from listeners but we anticipate that the majority will be funded through ministry partners.  Specifically. This allows many more to come alongside us in this labor, and share in the heavenly rewards together

Fund Drive Capital Raise

The method of holding periodic fund drives is the lifeblood of most successful Christian radio stations.  But most Christian radio stations cater to the 35+ demographic. We anticipate that we will utilize “call for donation” events because in addition to potentially raising capital it provides an opportunity to get the listeners involved, provides another opportunity to witness & disciple, and allows the listeners the opportunity to witness God’s provision. We don’t anticipate that the ministry will raise the largest portion of its annual budget from Fund Drives.


Because of the demographic nature of our target audience we believe online funding sources will be more relevant and attractive to our listeners than the traditional on air fund drive.  While we know our target audience is not as financially endowed as other demographic groups, particularly the groups target by most of the other Christian radio stations, we do believe that the involvement, particularly financially, of our listeners, is important because it gives them a sense of ownership.

Ministry Partners

In a very real sense this ministry will be a virtual missionary organization to our culture, particularly millennials.  It is a virtual mission field as hard to penetrate as the jungles of South America or the interior of Africa. We intend to seek support, much like a missionary from Christian denominations and even local churches.


There are not a lot of Urban Christian Radio stations and as a result not much track record.  However, because there are not a lot of stations with this format we are a unique avenue for Christian business people to market in a faith acceptable way to this demographic.  We believe the interest will be great.


This vision is focused on reaching out to the culture of today through radio entertainment. Our mission to have an Urban Christian Radio station that will reach the dominant culture of today, is a mission whose time has come.  The attractive sound that is all about Jesus Christ and His Kingdom will penetrate hearts and minds where the Good News may never be heard. Our hope is to air testimonies of lives that have been changed thru the power of Jesus Christ (from broken homes, drug addiction, race, lust, etc.) via music and outreach that will lead to people finding healing and wholeness in the power and Spirit of Jesus!  The radio can be used as a loudspeaker to glorify the work of our Savior.

We are so deeply grateful to God for His leading up to this point; His faithfulness has encouraged us to move forward by providing some key people to help this vision move forward in such a short amount of time.   However, here are some of our immediate needs:

  •  First and foremost, we ask for your prayer (James 5:16). We believe that with God all things are possible, and without Him we accomplish nothing! The task at hand is a great one; to break down spiritual strongholds, loosen the yoke of those captive, and bring communities back together (UNITY) in the name of JESUS CHRIST!   I am asking you to pray that eyes are opened, hearts of stone are replaced with a heart of flesh, and that God might open a direct path to multiple resources to get this vision truly up and running.

    To like to have an updated list of our prayer request or get more info on how to be apart of our weekly prayer team please email us at:

  • It takes all lot of people to run a ministry, let alone a ministry that’s a radio station. We believe with God all is possible! Please pray that the Lord will raise up devoted teams and volunteers gifted with specific talents to assist in making this vision possible (Exodus 31:3,6).

    If your heart is stirred and you would like to use your gifts in this ground breaking ministry please email us at:

  • Financial resources and equipment  

    Each and every gift is a blessing from God for the one who receives as well as the one who gives (Acts 20:35). For more information on our needs please email us at: Or simply clink the give button below.

We believe The Lord is with us (Exodus 33:14). We am inviting you to come alongside and co-labor in this mission together!  Whether you live in the suburbs or in the heart of the city, your children are being deeply impacted by the music of the day; now we have an opportunity to take back their ears, their minds, and their hearts for Christ!

All financial gifts are tax deductible and checks can be made payable to Underground Network, PO Box 75157, Tampa, FL 33675.  

Please clearly designate the ministry name:

Urban Christian Radio.